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Lipodissolve is best for treating areas that diet and exercise cannot budge. Localized fatty deposits, such as love handles, back rolls, belly fat, bra rolls or thigh fat can be bothersome and hard to completely get rid of on your

Non-Surgical Fat Removal with Lipodissolve

These can now be achieved with Therma Sculpting fat reduction and the new ultra high energy Thermage® to tighten skin. Now you really can get and stay hard. The gym is up to you, but that only tones muscle; it


© Marilyn Barbone | Dreamstime Stock Photos Cellucision is a trademarked term that refers to what we believe is the gold standard for effective permanent elimination of areas of cellulite. The procedure, using a subcision type minimally invasive technique of

Cellucision: Permanent elimination of cellulite.

It might be winter in Los Angeles, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it!   We’ve been seeing shorts and skirts more than coats this winter and if varicose/spider veins are stopping you from getting into your summer gear this winter,

Skirts, Shorts and Winter in Los Angeles!

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For many people, diet and exercise successfully keeps them healthy and looking good, but for some men and women, no amount of exercise and ‘weight watching’ can get rid of those stubborn love handles or lower belly fat.  Fortunately there

Cosmetic Laser Advances Gain Momentum

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Did you know that Fraxel laser treatment can do more than skin resurfacing? True, it is great for skin texture and making skin look younger, but it is also the treatment of choice for acne and surgical scars and can

Fraxel Laser for Stretch Marks

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A Classification For Buttock Aesthetics and Its Relevance To Beautification Procedures Opinions of what is beautiful serves an age-old controversy. This is the case for both facial and corporal beauty. Indeed, it is epoch, ethnic, and celebrity sensitive. Thin lips

Buttock Aesthetics

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Melasma (also referred to as Chloasma) is a very common skin disorder. Melasma and hyper-pigmentation is the darkening and discoloration of the skin caused by an excessive production of melanin. This darkening of the skin appears mostly on the face,


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Recent advancements in non-surgical technology have lead to more readily available options to remove unwanted fat, shape your body and tighten skin. Many people (men and women) are now interested in reshaping and contouring their bodies without surgery. Those that

Non-surgical body contouring with minimal downtime please!

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