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Well Trained Professionals

Our team consists of two board certified plastic surgeons, two double board certified dermatologists, and two certified physicians assistants with Masters in dermatology.

Safe Procedures

Noninvasive, fat removal, cellulite removal, and facial rejuvenation procedures.

Great Facilities

Visit our offices in the Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills and in Woodland Hills near the Calabasas Commons.

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Bellafill is the only filler for expression lines that patients and doctors recognize as permanent. FDA studies show duration of at least 5 years; additional studies show duration of over 12 years. Dr. Hamilton is the U.S. pioneer, having published results from his treatments of the first patients treated in the U.S. with this filler and was the only U.S. dermatologist asked to appear at the FDA review/approval meeting in Maryland; he was interviewed by ABC national news at that meeting.
Below are before and after photographs of one of our actual patients of Skin Rejuvenation and Body Contouring Institute 7 years apart.

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Nonsurgical bridge augmentation
Popular especially amongst our Asian patients . To surgically correct the shape,size,and width of your nose. #drhamilton #shanahgavia #woodlandhills #beverlyhills #SkinRejuvenationandbodyContouring #beauty #nosejob #fillers #radiesse #bellafill #artefill

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The P-Fab buttock augmentation originated at our SRBCI:Now copied world wide! #beverlyhills #woodlandhills #SkinRejuvenationandbodyContouring #beverlyhills #buttaugmentation #drhamilton #beauty #shanahgavia #sexy #bigbuttproblems ...

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Dr. Hamilton has authored several medical journal articles, is a contributing guest author to two medical textbooks and co-authored the book Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets.

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