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Botox has become a household word for the treatment of facial aging. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it is not the answer for all facial aging. Botox is, however, of great use for forehead expression lines and crow’s feet where its duration is approximately three months. It has a wonderful safety record having been used cosmetically since the 1990s. Prior to that time, it was used for certain eye problems. Therefore, there is an experience on millions of patients worldwide with Botox. It basically causes the muscle to become very relaxed and by doing so cosmetically reduces the mountains &, therefore, makes the valleys (wrinkles) less pronounced. The cosmetic use of Botox was discovered by Dr. Carruthers in Canada, a board-certified dermatologist. Dr. Hamilton has served on several committees and panels with Dr. Carruthers for the purpose of discussing Botox and other types of facial fillers. Indeed, they were the only two dermatologists to be present at the FDA meeting in Maryland when Bellafill was approved. While its potential for side effects is extremely low your treatment ideally is done under the supervision of a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. It is very important in office-based medicine to check the credentials of your cosmetic doctor. You want to avoid physicians of other than ones in these two specialties who learn to perform certain procedures in a weekend course instead of a 3 to 5-year residency.

Botox Benefits Bevely HillsBotox can essentially aim to do one or two of its potential benefits. Firstly, it will reduce forehead/crow’s feet lines in all patients. In addition, some patients actually want to be able to not raise their eyebrows or squint and that can be done with a different potency level (generally not those who need expression movements in the acting profession). Either could be achieved by an expert. We have treated thousands of patients with Botox over the last two decades. As with all of our procedures, before and after photos are available in the office and we are happy to provide a free consultation for discussion of the procedure to be done either on the same day or on another. Experience with Botox shows that holding to a regular schedule where there is an interval of 3 to 4 months between treatments tends to leave longer lingering effects of the procedure, wherein after 2 to 3 sessions of regularly scheduled treatments the interval can be extended gradually and we have had patients even up to eight months where there was a duration of the effects because they had stuck to a regular schedule initially.


Dysport has been used as an effective alternative to Botox. It is of great use for forehead lines where its duration is approximately the same as Botox, i.e.,3 to 4 months. It has a strong safety record and has been available in the United States since the early 2000s. It basically causes the muscle to become very relaxed and by doing so cosmetically reduces the elevations from the muscle and therefore makes a look wrinkles look less pronounced. While its potential for side effects is extremely low treatment, it is ideally done under the supervision of a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. You want to avoid physicians other than ones in these two specialties who may have learned certain procedures in a weekend course instead of a 3 to 5 residency. Dysport can be used to improve forehead lines when there is no expression but retain the ability for normal expression; it can also be used to eliminate the ability of expression (as desired by some patients).


Xeomin for approximately a decade Xeomin has been used as an alternative to BOTOX. It functions as well &, in our office, can be provided as a less expensive option with the same results.

Dermal Fillers

Botox Treatment Beverly Hills


Offered as an alternative to Restylane if desired.


Our office began using Radiesse (calcium hydroxylapatite) – a synthetic modification of bone constituent- the first week that it became available in the U.S. It is of great value in re-contouring nose bridges, jawlines, and deep cheek depressions.


Restylane is a facial filler that has been used in the United States since the 1990s. It is a synthetic reproduction of a component of human skin called hyaluronic acid. It is extremely effective at eliminating expression lines around the mouth which include the smile lines, the marionette lines, drooping corners of the mouth, and depressions on the other areas of the face particularly the areas under the lower eyelids (tear troughs). Smile lines and tear troughs (under eye ” shadows”)can be present even in 20-year-olds. The other depressions come strictly with age. Allergies to Restylane are rarer and if they occur they can be treated with a local injection of hyaluronidase which eliminates the allergic reaction.

Faces can be totally transformed with facial filler products such as Restylane & Bellafill. Dr. Douglas Hamilton 1999 published a classification of the aging face and its relationship to remedies that is one of the five most widely used classifications of the aging face in the world. In that publication, he addressed the issue of expression lines being treated by fillers as opposed to surgery for loose skin or lasers for superficial wrinkles.

Botox Effects Beverly HillsThe appropriate application of antiaging treatments is extremely important for pot the beneficial effects and for your decision judicious use of your money.: The effects of Restylane last for a period of approximately 4 to 6 months; rarely there are exceptions where it can stay longer. Under the eyes, it can last considerably longer because of less movement of tissue. Restylane can also be used temporarily on large lips though silicone can do it permanently and the duration of the effects for lip enlargement with Restylane are quite short: usually of the nature of about 1 to 2 months. Restylane does not have the ability to contour a face like Radiesse nor does it have the long-term duration of a Bellafill. Restylane is mixed with lidocaine which is an anesthetic to make its injection less painful.

Additionally, for those patients that request it, we use a strong topical anesthetic before using any of our fillers on the face so that procedures become virtually painless. We have treated thousands of patients with Restylane and will be happy to show you many before and after’s in the office in a free consultation.


Sculptra (Polylactic acid) is very useful for replacing the loss of fat from age or HIV drugs on the face, backs of hands, & buttocks. It has a long duration.

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It is always great going into this medical office, the staff are always pleasant and extremely helpful. If your appointment is for 10:30, you will be seen within 10 minutes of your appointment time. Parking is always available and usually complimentary. Follow up of procedures always happens.

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The Cost of Botox

Botox cost varies greatly depending on a variety of criteria. Price is dependent on factors like the number of injections required and the number of wrinkles being treated. Please contact our office for more information

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