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Brazilian Butt Lift Beverly Hills

The Brazilian butt lift is a safe, proven method for getting the sizzling curves enjoyed by Hollywood’s hottest celebrities

Dramatic feminine curves are all the rage these days, and women of the world have shown they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the derriere of their dreams. But the reality is that invasive surgery is fraught with risks and silicone implants are downright dangerous. Fortunately, there’s an affordable and safe alternative available: the Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

At the Skin Rejuvenation and Body Contouring Institute in Beverly Hills, we offer butt enhancement using the Brazilian butt lift technique for patients who want a larger, shapelier, and more attractive-looking butt. 

What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Primarily developed by Dr. Luis Toledo, a world-renowned Brazilian esthetic and reconstructive surgeon, the Brazilian butt lift is a game-changer for women who want sensual, celeb-worthy lower body curves. It’s a safe and relatively straightforward procedure that involves grafting fat cells harvested from other parts of the body onto the butt. There’s very little risk of developing complications, and you’ll be able to resume normal activities after just a few days of recovery time.

Choosing the Right Surgeon for Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Lots of clinics offer Brazilian butt lifts, but not all outcomes are equal. To get the very best butt money can buy, and to ensure your results will last, rely on the elite team of medical professionals at the Skin Rejuvenation & Body Contouring Institute.

Get your Brazilian butt lift at the Skin Rejuvenation & Body Contouring Institute, the preferred augmentation clinic of L.A.’s rich and famous.

No other clinic in the country offers these lofty standards of excellence, especially at such competitive rates. The cost of a Brazilian butt lift ranges from about $8,000 to $20,000, depending on your expectations for the final results. Dare to dream! No matter what vision you may have for your new behind, our physicians have the skills and know-how to make it a reality.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery 

Recovering from a Brazilian butt lift can take around three to four weeks. Depending on the amount of physical activity involved, patients can return to work after one to two weeks. You will need to wait around eight weeks before exercise and strenuous activity can be resumed. 

Schedule a Consultation 

If you’re looking for a safe, effective and affordable way to transform a flat, sagging, small or asymmetrical butt into the kind of behind that will have people turning their heads, contact the Skin Rejuvenation and Body Contouring Institute to arrange a consultation for your Brazilian butt lift.

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“Worked Fine”

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I was very happy with the visit. I didn’t have to wait long to see the Doctor, he did the procedure, and it seems to have worked fine.

Fred M.

*Individual results may vary

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The Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift

The cost of your Brazilian Butt Lift in Beverly Hills can be discussed during your consultation at Skin Rejuvenation & Body contouring. The number of areas being treated and the number of treatments needed will be factors to consider when determining cost.

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