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Bellafill Beverly Hills

Summer Promotion:

1/2 Off Botox to One Area with Purchase of Bellafill.*

*1 week later for 1 week- Free Botox to one area. Compare response between the two. Permanent Restylane Equivalent.

Facial folds/wrinkles could be permanently eliminated* with Bellafill® (Artefill)

Who should be your doctor to do permanent?

An expert with years of experience in its use, international recognition as the U.S. Pioneer, and because of this: magnificent results and no side effects. Douglas Hamilton M.D. treated the first patients in the U.S. with this filler and published the first report in a medical journal on the first 20 patients treated. Dr. Hamilton was one of 12 physicians in the U.S. to partake in the phase 3 FDA trials (the only Dr. in both phase 1 and 3) and was the only United States physician present at the FDA approval meeting in Maryland after which he was interviewed by ABC national news regarding the approval. Dr. Hamilton was interviewed at other times regarding Bellafill by Extra, Good Morning America and NBC news, He was one of the six physicians who published in a medical journal showing a five-year duration of Bellafills benefits.

Facial folds (wrinkles) could be permanently eliminated* with Bellafill

How long do Bellafill’s results last?

Smile lines treated with Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse all have to be retreated every few months to keep you looking good, but not with Bellafill. The FDA has approved marketing claims of at least five years duration for Bellafill; most doctors and patients agree that it lasts a lifetime. Dr. Hamilton’s 12 year follow-up study for the manufacturer shows no change in its benefits on patients treated 12 years before in their smile lines.

How does Bellafill work and why does it last?

Bellafill produces two effects: Immediate filling with a temporary collagen component which is then replaced over three months by the patient’s own permanent skin collagen as a result of its stimulation by its PMMA component

Bellafill is the only FDA approved filler injection for acne scars. For patients with a limited number of wide superficial scars, Bellafill which can last 5 years or more, can be used with immediate improvement.

*Individual results may vary.






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