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Looking to remove some fat without the price tag of surgery? Are you afraid of going under the knife in general? We have a solution for those problems. Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive injection technique developed in France which is

Fat removal without surgery

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There are 3 facts about fillers that are really important.  Everything else is subjectivity and marketing – the latter is often misleading as companies fight for your dollar. 1. Where on the face is each best used?Forehead: Botox, Dysport and

The FACTS About Fillers

Dermatologic surgeons are seeing unprecedented interest in non-surgical body contouring and skin tightening, particularly from women. This major focus on the body – not just the face – is here to stay, affecting not just 20-somethings but also those in

Body makeovers gaining popularity

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To protect your health and find out what results you want, a dermatologist always offers a consultation before performing a chemical peel. To help you get the most benefit from this consultation, dermatologists recommends that you: Ask questions. Gather important

How to Prepare: Chemical Peel

While the majority of cosmetic patients are women, it has also been found that more men are becoming increasingly interested in aesthetics treatments as well. The reason men are now seeking treatment is because they now can find exactly what

Cosmetic treatments not just for women

Our offices offers a full range of services designed to smooth away wrinkles and enhance the lips, including Restylane®, Artefill®, and Radiesse™ injections. Lip Enhancement and Wrinkle Removal Both permanent and temporary enlargements are offered through various injectables substances introduced

Wrinkles be gone!

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