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Cellulite & Stretch Mark Removal Beverly Hills

Restore your confidence with cellulite & stretch mark removal treatments from the Skin Rejuvenation & Body Contouring Institute

Unsightly cellulite can be a difficult problem to treat and even moderate cases can make you feel resigned to a lifetime of hiding your lower body.

Fortunately, there are several solutions available – solutions that generate proven and long-lasting results, even in severe cases. The Medical team at the Skin Rejuvenation & Body Contouring Institute has been successfully treating cellulite for years, and our skill and passion for innovation has made us for many L.A.’s cosmetic medicine clinic of choice.

Options for Treating Stretch Marks and Cellulite

Experience has shown us that the vast majority of cellulite patients respond extremely well to the following therapies:

  • Ultrasound technologies: Ideal for moderate cellulite cases, ultrasound treatments work by attacking cellulite with high-frequency sound waves that heat and destabilize stubborn fat cells. We use two types of ultrasound cellulite treatments at our Los Angeles offices, both of which are scientifically proven to generate dramatic improvements.
  • Cellucision: More advanced cases require more aggressive approaches, and our Cellucision treatment is based on the pioneering work of renowned Brazilian cosmetic surgeon Dr. Doris Hexel. The Cellucision procedure works by disrupting the fibrous bands that hold cellulite, leading to results that appear to be permanent, based on available scientific data.
  • Cellulaze: An effective, cutting-edge alternative to Cellucision, Cellulaze uses a precision laser to achieve similar results. While this technique offers an equally clear path to a cellulite-free life, it also costs considerably more than Cellucision while yielding the same results. 

The effectiveness of our cellulite & stretch mark removal treatments is supported by years of hard scientific data

Treating Stretch Marks With Fraxel

For stretch marks, we generally recommend Fraxel treatments in Beverly Hills. Fraxel is a non-ablative laser technology that’s generated positive reviews from thousands of satisfied patients. It’s one of the most effective available techniques for treating scars, stretch marks and other skin imperfections. It yields its benefits through deep dermal collagen stimulation.

Data published in medical journals dating back to 2009 confirm what we’ve seen time and time again – Fraxel laser treatments lead to excellent results. The most exciting aspect of this breakthrough is that it offers a proven solution to a cosmetic problem that was previously very difficult if not impossible to treat.

Cost and Payment Options

The cost of your cellulite and stretch mark treatment in Beverly Hills will be based on the type of treatment performed. During your consultation, our team can go over the options available to you and can let you know what the expected cost of your treatment will be.

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