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It seems everyone is wanting to boost their booty lately! We have seen many butts in the past few months, perhaps it is because summer has been fast approaching! Our P-FAB treatment does not involve silicone in any way. We

Booty Boost

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According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, liposuction was the 2nd most common plastic surgery procedure performed in 2012 with 313,011 procedures. Liposuction is very effective at body shaping, however it also has risks associated with it such

Surgical or non-surgical fat removal?

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Acne scars are very effectively treated only by a non-ablative (no shedding of skin and no down time) fraxelated lasers. We have seen dramatic improvement with such treatments. These layers penetrate much deeper than the ablative, skin peeling ablative CO2

Lasers and Acne Scars

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A clearer sign of aging than anything the face can show us is loose skin of the elbows, knees & abdomen. Thermage ( radiofrequency ) in appropriately selected patients can yield significant results without surgical scars or downtime. We offer

Do you have loose body skin?

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Buttock Augmentation is an area of cosmetic medicine which can be a cautionary tale ( no pun intended ). Let’s look at what goes on: BUTTOCK IMPLANTS: Most plastic surgeons refuse to do these any longer because they will spend

Buttock Augmentation

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The appropriate treatment of cellulite is dependent on its severity.  For mild cellulite, ultra sound can be very beneficial.  We perform it weekly for a series of 6-18 treatments.  The cost is moderate and there is no downtime. For more

Appropriate Treatment of Cellulite

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STRETCH MARKS There has been absolutely NOTHING that has improved stretch marks until now. The Fraxel laser ( both 750 & 1550 ) has shown remarkable uniformly reproducible results on white stretch marks anywhere on the body.  We at the

Fraxel Laser for Stretch Mark Removal

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