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Sclerotherapy Beverly Hills

Sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for varicose and spider veins, restoring and invigorating legs and getting you back into skirts and shorts

Varicose veins and spider veins can be caused by a wide range of different factors, from genetics and heredity to skin trauma. Cosmetic skin conditions are common here in Southern California, where the hot and sunny climate can take a toll over time. If you’re suffering with varicose veins or spider veins, there’s a reliable, low-risk and inexpensive answer available: sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy is a gentle microinjection procedure that doesn’t require the use of anesthetics and usually takes less than half an hour to perform. You’ll be back up on your feet within minutes of the treatment, and you won’t have to book time off for an extended recovery. Most patients are able to continue their regular routines without interruption, and sclerotherapy’s fast-acting results can have you back in your favorite outfits in a matter of days.

Benefit from the experience and expert guidance of our acclaimed medical team to get optimal results from your sclerotherapy treatment

The Skin Rejuvenation & Body Contouring Institute is a top choice of L.A.’s exclusive celebrity community. We go the extra mile to safeguard their confidentiality. Both of our Los Angeles-area locations feature inconspicuous entrances to keep our clients safe from the prying eyes of celebrity photographers.

People travel great distances to benefit from our team’s unsurpassed skill. More than 85 percent of visible blood vessels will disappear in the days and weeks following your sclerotherapy session, and the results will last a lifetime if you follow a few simple self-care steps once the procedure is done.

As with all cosmetic enhancements, the first step in the process is to set up a consultation session with our medical staff, during which we’ll talk in detail about your expectations and assess the condition of your varicose or spider veins. To schedule yours, please contact us at the Skin Rejuvenation & Body Contouring Institute.

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