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What Is Brazilian Butt-Lift Recovery Like?

Flaunting a bikini-ready look becomes easy with a good Brazilian butt-lift. Before choosing any cosmetic surgery, knowing about the recovery process can he helpful. When it comes to recovery after a Brazilian butt-lift, recovery process can be slightly different for each user.

  • The surgeon prescribes pain killers, to start a course right after the surgery. This helps ease any discomfort or pain.
  • Sitting on your butt should be avoided for 2 weeks or more depending on the recommendation by the surgeon. After that sitting on a special Brazilian butt-lift pillow for a few weeks can help ease the recovery.
  • Compression garments might be suggested by the surgeon to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling.

Light activities can be resumed after a month. You can discuss the actual timeline for resuming regular activities with your surgeon before the surgery.

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