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Nose Bridge Augmentation Beverly Hills

Nose Bridge Augmentation at the Skin Rejuvenation & Body Contouring Institute has helped men and women correct and improve a nose that is con caved or has a depressed nose bridge with the breakthrough technology of bone-like filler substances. This new method allows for a faster, less invasive procedure which also means a shorter recovery time. The bone-like filler substances are injectable compounds that have also been used to help improve noses that are sharply sloped. There are several different fillers available and our medical team works with each patient on an individual basis to create a custom plan for achieving desired results.

Our team is comprised of experts in nose bridge augmentation procedures–in fact, our center pioneered Bellafill, a filler used in many of these procedures. Men and women of various ages and ethnic backgrounds have taken advantage of this procedure to improve their confidence by fulfilling their aesthetic goals. Many of the fillers used create a permanent results, thought temporary long lasting results can also be achieved through Radiesse. Talk to our medical professionals to find out if Nose Bridge Augmentation may be right for you by scheduling your consultation at our office today.


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