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Wrinkles be gone!

Our offices offers a full range of services designed to smooth away wrinkles and enhance the lips, including Restylane®, Artefill®, and Radiesse™ injections.

Lip Enhancement and Wrinkle Removal

Both permanent and temporary enlargements are offered through various injectables substances introduced comfortably under topical or local anesthesia. There are a variety of fillers that can erase the effects of aging by filling marionette lines, smile lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, and other skin depressions.

Radiesse is composed of calcium hydroxylapatite, a naturally occurring component found in bone and teeth that appears to have no risk of allergy when used as an implant. The procedure is performed with a small gauge needle injection after the application of a topical anesthetic cream. You’ll begin to notice results on the day of the procedure, and effects typically last 1 to 2 years.

BOTOX® Cosmetic, a natural, purified protein that relaxes muscles, is also used to treat an aging neck. This injection dramatically eliminates deep frown and forehead lines and crow’s feet lines. Results last several months. There’s no recovery time and you can get back to work or participate in other activities immediately!

Artefill® is used to treat deep wrinkles, depressions under the eyes, depressed acne scars, and chicken pox scars. It can permanently eliminate unsightly lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin looking younger, radiant, and revitalized. Effects look extremely natural. Unlike prior approaches, such as collagen injections, the area is not overcorrected (not raised up much above flat skin level) The area injected is raised by the bovine collagen, which then disappears over 1-3 months. As this collagen (temporary) is disappearing, more or less simultaneously the patient’s (permanent) collagen is being produced to replace it

Juvéderm Juvéderm is a smooth consistency gel made of hyaluronic acid-a naturally occurring substance in your skin that helps to add volume and hydration for lip augmentation and facial expression lines. Studies show superior results of Juvéderm compared to collagen-based dermal filler. In addition, Juvéderm injectable gel is the first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is proven to be safe and effective for persons of color.

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