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Buttock Aesthetics

A Classification For Buttock Aesthetics and Its Relevance To Beautification Procedures

Opinions of what is beautiful serves an age-old controversy. This is the case for both facial and corporal beauty. Indeed, it is epoch, ethnic, and celebrity sensitive.

Thin lips were the ideal in the 50’s; now lip augmentation is one of the most widely performed cosmetic procedures. Likewise, the 50’s idealized a higher waist to hip ratio than the nineties. However, a shift is being felt in body aesthetics.

Probably, motivated mostly by the idolization of voluptuous celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles and Kim Kardashian, a greater, lower body curvature is increasingly desired by many women. However, just as various facial contours are seen by different observers as prettier than others, buttock enhancement candidates often have a wide variety of expectations regarding their buttock contours.

Concomitantly, it is risky for cosmetic physicians to assume that their own assessment for lower body beauty corresponds to that of the patient. Mutually understandable reference points can be very helpful in achieving the result that is satisfactory to the patient.

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