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If All You Have Is A Hammer Then The Whole World Looks Like A Nail

So we had a patient in her 20’s come to our Beverly Hills office last week whom we had seen a few years back. Lovely face with acne scars. 2 lessons for all of us:

#1. She had received laser treatments with an older (bad) version of the right (good) laser by a board certified dermatologist (good): so with one thing wrong (older & less effective version) she didn’t get great results – but she liked the price. Truth is that one dollar spent on the wrong thing is merely a gift to your doctor, not to yourself!
#2. She was told by another doctor (a plastic surgeon) that a facelift (in her 20’s) was the answer because it would stretch the scars. For most plastic surgeons lasers are not their thing (medical lasers were originated by Leon Goldman,M.D. , Chairman of the Dept. of Dermatology at The University of Cincinnati) so the patient was not offered the right answers.

As Michael Jackson’s brilliant Beverly Hills dermatologist (& my good friend) , Arnold Klein,M.D., was fond of saying in these situations, “when all you have as a hammer the whole world looks like a nail.” At our offices : we have more than hammers: 2 doubly board certified dermatologists &  2 board certified plastic surgeons that have the wide perspective to benefit patients.
Bye bye bias!

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