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Did you know that Fraxel laser treatment can do more than skin resurfacing? True, it is great for skin texture and making skin look younger, but it is also the treatment of choice for acne and surgical scars and can

Fraxel Laser for Stretch Marks

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The appropriate treatment of cellulite is dependent on its severity.  For mild cellulite, ultra sound can be very beneficial.  We perform it weekly for a series of 6-18 treatments.  The cost is moderate and there is no downtime. For more

Appropriate Treatment of Cellulite

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STRETCH MARKS There has been absolutely NOTHING that has improved stretch marks until now. The Fraxel laser ( both 750 & 1550 ) has shown remarkable uniformly reproducible results on white stretch marks anywhere on the body.  We at the

Fraxel Laser for Stretch Mark Removal

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